This is the message I get, when I try to access my blog:


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

C’mon google, I am leaning towards yahoo nowadays (My Web, especially, appeals to me);It is in my nature to go for the Underdog (if I can use the adjective for Yahoo) and I am Yahooing instead of Googling and for the first time am using a toolbar (Yahoo).Will probably go back to Ymail instead of Gmail soon.

Hope this post is published, with no problem (a coincidence, am listening to no problem from lovebirds!).

Interview Q1


I am looking for a Job, and am applying for a customer service role among other things. I have to come up with answers for the questions that I need to answer in the interview.I know the employer wants to get the best possible candidate, but seriously the kind of questions that are asked are simply annoying, wish I could say it is a bloody cust service role and anyone who can speak fluently will be able to do the job.I can understand role plays, but as for as these questions are concerned, one word (or is it two?) to describe them: BS.

The audioclip above, is my response to a commonly asked question “TELL ME ABOUT A TIME WHEN U WENT THE EXTRA MILE FOR A CUSTOMER?”, If you are in the same position as me, maybe this will give u an idea as to what to say.Be warned,I accept no responsibilities, whatsoever, If this kind of response gets u nowhere.

The good news is, more audioclips to follow, with my answers for commonly asked questions, this way I also try to distract myself from the pitiful situation that I am in.Wish me the best.

Nano Problems

[img] shows that iPod Nano is fragile, looking at the pictures and the response from many people, I have to say wait for some time before u get the nano. Software and Hardware have one thing in common, don’t get one until it has been there for some time and a few versions of them have been released.


I have an Rio Karma (CNET review), and it does it for me, doesn’t have the visual appeal which is very important to me, but I have it in my nature to favor the Underdog and Rio Karma is definitely an Underdog. Very good quality, I have abused it a bit, thrown around a bit but works perfectly – did I say I haven’t used for quite a long time.I prefer an all-in-one phone-music, video player, camera, radio and more in a single gadget and so far no such thing seems to exist ( of very good quality, I mean).

nano problems?I have no job ( in a transition phase) and couldn’t chat with someone I wanted to chat with and do more.

and down under, a big day yesterday, Swans beat the eagles to win the AFL premiership this year.Though I am not a big fan of footy , I do enjoy watching it, and wished the eagles won (underdogs).In the last five minutes the game was thrilling but except for the last mark, it could have been more than just everyone clamoring for the ball.Judd was just amazing, quick and talented and last years Brownlow medallist, what can I say, amazing to watch, even for a footy novice like me.

Google mail error

When I click on the unread messages inGmail Notifier-a tiny little program that checks for Gmail messages (I am running a mac and @ the moment no Google Talk for me, doesn’t bother me as it seems to have nothing new compared to other IM’s) – this is the error I get.Cross my fingers????I type in in my address bar and everything is normal (no error).Maybe some kind of protection- I don’t know.

I also noticed that a few people are visiting my site (from sources known and unknown), and the only person who returns is me :-(.That Bad (this blog)?

I had problem with the original Image file that u see above, had to save the Image for Web in Photoshop for it to display.Strange; errors, errors, It is 30 past midnight and what a way to start my day:(.And to top that Spamming on my Blog.


the title is probably not the most appropriate for the content, but heh, that was what i came up with and the questions didnt seem to follow.

am about to finish the book The Magic of thinking Big by David J.Schwartz, a wonderful read, Inspiriing, motivating, guiding, helping and more – one of the biggest inconfident person.

a coincidence that i have also finished watching the movie (saw again after 1992, i guess)Roja – a moving tale about a young woman’s love for her husband and the great lengths she goes to save him from militants.truly inspiring, is what i can say, after how she courageously overcomes the obstacles that one would encounter in a hostile environ,made more difficult, when u dont know the language that is spoken there.

and yes also met with her-which is more important than anything that has happened to me in a few weeks.the fact that i never had a relationship with her, doesnt seem to lessen the impact that her presence did.was thinking abt her for a few days, and fotunately(?) got to meet her.i cant believe a girl can have such an impact on me, i keep promising myself no relationships for a few years and here she comes shatterring all my i love her???

maybe i was thinking abt this, when i wrote the title.

anyway cant beleive I took 34 mins to write this.


it just occured to me, i can see a lot of desi blogs, the bloggers actually in the US.i am living in Oz land and cant find any desi blog, where the blogger is based in Australia. C’mon Aussies (desis) C’mon.


He saw her.
He liked her.
He wanted to be out with her.
He did not ask her, then.
He does not remember what happened in-between then and the time he told her friend.
He was not sure, then.
He got distracted.
He mad a mistake.
He regrets.
He proposed.
She disapproved.
He tries to forget her.
He remembers her, more than ever, now.
He is not sure, now.

a pause- broken

Been some time since I Blogged, I am writing (posting) this not bcoz I have something to post but bcoz I would like to break the pause.

few things happened since the last time i posted (some personal, others not)- like Intel-Mac alliance,disastrous start to the Ashes tour for australia (lost to england, bangladesh and an english county club)-come to mind immediately.

did watch a few films in the weekends that passed without any post here, Mr and Mrs.Smith-film with an attractive lead cast and nothing else to talk abt and a very enjoyable Wedding Date.

anyway as the pause is broken, i feel a bit satisfied and will try to write something more interestng next time.

Fos pou svini, To and Malcom

Fos pou svini, To (2000) aka Fading light is the greek movie, I was talking abt in my earlier post and the actress i was referring to was Viki Volioti . i can sometimes push myself just too hard to remember things.the last two days,I had been fervently searching the web (googling mainly) to get these details.IMDB was pretty bad when it came to plot search.but finally googled SBS to get these details.after getting the movie title, i started diligently searching for Viki Volioti’s picture and couldn’t find anything on google, Yahoo helped me in finding that she is also known as Vicky Volioti and then i got to see some pics, she looked good but i was not impressed with those pics (not her).I read somewhere that yahoo’s search is getting better (than google’s), i would agree to an extent because when i search for kesavan on yahoo my 2 sites come in the first page, while in google they don’t should justify what i read abt yahoo, i suppose.

while searching for the greek movie, i was also trying to remember a very good aussie movie which i saw 6-7 months ago and i remembered it as Malcom (1986), a movie abt a very very likeable character, i remember that the soundtrack was also impressive.

the thing that surprised me was i found it extremely difficult to find these movies on the internet. i guess there is nothing like a human brain when it comes to processing and finding data hidden somewhere in the grey cells.

i am sitting here, typing this on a friday night after having pizza from ilianas, after a hard days work (my boss would not agree, but i am entitled to my opinions and for god’s sake it’s my site) and after meeting someone I really like and am unable to forget. am working tomorrow as well, so guess should get gud nights sleep, as i start early.c what is in store tomorrow.