Interview Q1


I am looking for a Job, and am applying for a customer service role among other things. I have to come up with answers for the questions that I need to answer in the interview.I know the employer wants to get the best possible candidate, but seriously the kind of questions that are asked are simply annoying, wish I could say it is a bloody cust service role and anyone who can speak fluently will be able to do the job.I can understand role plays, but as for as these questions are concerned, one word (or is it two?) to describe them: BS.

The audioclip above, is my response to a commonly asked question “TELL ME ABOUT A TIME WHEN U WENT THE EXTRA MILE FOR A CUSTOMER?”, If you are in the same position as me, maybe this will give u an idea as to what to say.Be warned,I accept no responsibilities, whatsoever, If this kind of response gets u nowhere.

The good news is, more audioclips to follow, with my answers for commonly asked questions, this way I also try to distract myself from the pitiful situation that I am in.Wish me the best.

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