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  • MySQL substring start is one based

    To my surprise, MySQL SUBSTRING functions start position is one based. A start position of ‘0’ will return an empty string. If you would like to get the first 100 characters of a column named ‘my_column’ you will need to use SUBSTRING(‘my_column’, 1, 100). Using SUBSTRING(‘my_column’, 0, 100). will return an empty string. Postgres and…

  • mysql setup for phabricator

    Create phabricator user to be used in phabricator config Grant the above user CREATE TABLESPACE permission so he can create DB Grant all permissions on the phabricator tables to the above user (daemons/upgrade scripts require different permissions – the permission list from the doc wasn’t enough, so I granted all permission to the user) CREATE…

  • Forum for Indians in Australia


  • Bella donna

    Bella donna won’t be tamed Belluci, however, is unconcerned about what her children might think of her movies. ”If you are scared about what people think or what you represent or what your image can be, then you are not free any more in your choices. That can be dangerous for your art. I think…

  • Parrallel processing from the bash commandline

    for i in `seq 1 40`; do echo $i; /tmp/ >> /tmp/script.out 2>&1 & done Note the lack of ‘;’ before ‘done’. The ‘&’ indicates the end of the statement.

  • DNS Zone File Serial

    Today, I came across this error while checking a DNS Zone file for error (I was trying to script the syntax check of a zone file before deploying it onto our production servers): named-checkzone dns_rdata_fromtext: near ‘201005051010’: out of range zone loading from master file failed: out of range And,…

  • Movie News is a place to read interesting happenings in Tamil Cinema World.

  • Moved!

    From to through The blog has found itself a new address. I finally did it! Had the domain registered for 6 months, now finally manged to put some content into it (never mind that the content has mostly been imported from my blogger account). I am planning to update the blog regularly…


    currently working on my site

  • Now what is this?

    (via kiruba<<mohan ) and yeah it is for sale. ater a few flipping/merging/brushing/saving in photoshop I am uploading this: Hate and Love as mirror images.Volte-Face seem to be the order of the day!