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The blog has found itself a new address.

I finally did it! Had the domain registered for 6 months, now finally manged to put some content into it (never mind that the content has mostly been imported from my blogger account). I am planning to update the blog regularly and am thinking of mainly posting tech related news here.

The installation was not smooth sailing, not at all. My host Mochahost has WordPress V1.4 preinstalled and this caused endless troubles when I tried to import the data from my blogger account. Thankfully, I downloaded the latest version of wordpress which makes importing a lot more easier. I tried to get a 3 column layout for my blog, tried a few different themes and settled for the one that I am using now (this turned out to be tricky and I had to reinstall WordPress itself).

Now that everything seems fine, let me just hope that the hours I put in for doing all that doesn’t go in vain.
and yes, welcome all!

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