the title is probably not the most appropriate for the content, but heh, that was what i came up with and the questions didnt seem to follow.

am about to finish the book The Magic of thinking Big by David J.Schwartz, a wonderful read, Inspiriing, motivating, guiding, helping and more – one of the biggest inconfident person.

a coincidence that i have also finished watching the movie (saw again after 1992, i guess)Roja – a moving tale about a young woman’s love for her husband and the great lengths she goes to save him from militants.truly inspiring, is what i can say, after how she courageously overcomes the obstacles that one would encounter in a hostile environ,made more difficult, when u dont know the language that is spoken there.

and yes also met with her-which is more important than anything that has happened to me in a few weeks.the fact that i never had a relationship with her, doesnt seem to lessen the impact that her presence did.was thinking abt her for a few days, and fotunately(?) got to meet her.i cant believe a girl can have such an impact on me, i keep promising myself no relationships for a few years and here she comes shatterring all my determiniation.do i love her???

maybe i was thinking abt this, when i wrote the title.

anyway cant beleive I took 34 mins to write this.

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