Google mail error

When I click on the unread messages inGmail Notifier-a tiny little program that checks for Gmail messages (I am running a mac and @ the moment no Google Talk for me, doesn’t bother me as it seems to have nothing new compared to other IM’s) – this is the error I get.Cross my fingers????I type in in my address bar and everything is normal (no error).Maybe some kind of protection- I don’t know.

I also noticed that a few people are visiting my site (from sources known and unknown), and the only person who returns is me :-(.That Bad (this blog)?

I had problem with the original Image file that u see above, had to save the Image for Web in Photoshop for it to display.Strange; errors, errors, It is 30 past midnight and what a way to start my day:(.And to top that Spamming on my Blog.

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