Mr President,Happy Birthday!!!


India is a country obsessed with Film & Sports personalities; not to mention senseless politicians (read political leaders).Personally, I rarely celebrate birthdays (not to mention the don’t care attitude I have for New years day, Valentine’s day and so on).

I am probably right in saying that Mr. Kalam would feel the same about his birthday.Then, why this post, you might ask.Well, exceptions are so part of my life.While the number of people that I have wished HB is numerically less than the number of fingers I have (10), and except for my sister, I cannot say I was 100% sincere while wishing (this is revealed, with the hope that those guys and girls don’t read this post);I have to say that Mr. Kalam has an iconic stature in my heart, and I take this opportunity to wish him the best, so he can do what he has been doing for my country.

Go here, if you wanna wish him the same.

Mr Kalam says:

In this world, fear has no place. Only strength respects strength.

and I sure have to tattoo it in my mind, thanks kalam, sir.

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