Nano Problems

[img] shows that iPod Nano is fragile, looking at the pictures and the response from many people, I have to say wait for some time before u get the nano. Software and Hardware have one thing in common, don’t get one until it has been there for some time and a few versions of them have been released.


I have an Rio Karma (CNET review), and it does it for me, doesn’t have the visual appeal which is very important to me, but I have it in my nature to favor the Underdog and Rio Karma is definitely an Underdog. Very good quality, I have abused it a bit, thrown around a bit but works perfectly – did I say I haven’t used for quite a long time.I prefer an all-in-one phone-music, video player, camera, radio and more in a single gadget and so far no such thing seems to exist ( of very good quality, I mean).

nano problems?I have no job ( in a transition phase) and couldn’t chat with someone I wanted to chat with and do more.

and down under, a big day yesterday, Swans beat the eagles to win the AFL premiership this year.Though I am not a big fan of footy , I do enjoy watching it, and wished the eagles won (underdogs).In the last five minutes the game was thrilling but except for the last mark, it could have been more than just everyone clamoring for the ball.Judd was just amazing, quick and talented and last years Brownlow medallist, what can I say, amazing to watch, even for a footy novice like me.


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