a tamil film in Time’s Top 100

it is great to know that the Film Nayakan (1987) is in Time Magazines Top 100 movies.I like Kamal Hassan (the actor) and Mani Ratnam (the director), these guys are widely respected in the Indian film industry and also in abroad.

it is also interesting to note that most of the top 100 films are non hollywood based guess these films are recognised not only for the fine perfomance by the actors and great direction of the directors, but also because of the universality of the themes presented and also their relevance even today.

i am not the best person to tell abt the intricacies of moviemaking or the sometimes subtle meaning in movies, but the movies I enjoyed watching apart from Nayakan are Goodfellas (1990) and Pulp Fiction (1994).

i wud have included One flew over the cuckoos nest (1975) , if i had a chance, but who am i to include or exclude???


1:30 pm here and am still awake (or atleast typing this).Just wanna write, which I seem to enjoy (yesterday) was a gr8 day (I wish)..No just an average day, went for a walk along Brighton Rd for abt 40 mins, the weather was gr8 especially in the last 20 mins (around 5:00 pm), then went to a friends place as Mango (mangaraju my house mate and friend) asked me to come with him, after this met with the duo of Sri and Prasad (other friends) @ Hare Rama hare Krishna in sth melb (Danks St) and also Sri’s friend (trio) hritesh and (what, after trio) another guy ..das ( who seems to preach Krsna consciousness).A lively (?) discussion on gita and way of living followed, as usual I was for most part a silent spectator, Das also talked about a Krsna consciousness meeting held every sat abt 7:45pm, maybe will go sometime.

What followed was something very exciting, well am, just teasing.Went to Bombay Club in Ormond (just opposite to Ormond railway station) had a nice dinner, paid by Prasad.

here I am after looking @ a few things on the internet (what kind of things does one look @, @ this time??, before u start assuming, was looking @ some other blogs to get an idea of how I can improve this one, was also looking @ a few other things).

Pity there seems to be no alternative for DC++ for Mac, as I was told DC++ is gr8 in windows.At the moment I feel that Limewire is a gr8 software, really fast file sharing program for Mac.As for as torrents are concerned Bits On Wheels is a great BitTorrent client for Mac.My fav IndianTorrent/Indian torrents site is tmstorrents (torrent files for Indian Movies and Songs) and for torrents search Torrent Typhoon seems to be very good.

maybe end with this 2day.

Crap – it is.

Started blogging, but why?? Maybe I will know, came across NetNewsWire RSS reader for Mac yesterday, saw the POST TO WEBLOG button, and thought maybe I should use it.

Anyway, this weblog is going to be abt MAC’s, Health, Science, Politics, Philosophy , etc, etc don’t know maybe something interesting as well.

Coming back to NetNewsWire, I shall ask u to visit their site http://ranchero.com/netnewswire/
to know more abt it, maybe I will write something abt it.But I better know abt RSS and other stuff first.