Canberra, Sydney and SRK.

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SRK turns 40 today.From

Even Time magazine reported on him: ‘Every film he graces is a surefire smash; every product he endorses is a bestseller; there are so many shrines to him across India, that he can launch a new religion.
I might disagree, but anyway the man deserves to be praised (actually most men deserve) on his(their) birthday(s), even if it’s slightly exaggerated.The problem occurs when something like this happens everyday in a man’s life.Women’s life is different, they deserved to be praised everyday-if they r good looking-otherwise not even on their birthdays, sorry that wasnt a great attempt at making jokes.
Anyway, let me focus on my life.Was back from my tour yesterday.Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney-Canberra-Melboune in 2 days , around 2000 Kms by Car and I shall stop with that.Actually I will add a few more lines.Canberra is small and not very impressive,Sydney seems to be huge (pardon me if I am wrong,I was there for 4-5 hours and half of it was wasted in finding an Indian restaurant called Dakhini, if I remember) got some pictures of Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Monorail.Monorail is one of the very few elevated rail systems in the world, offering an elevated view of Sydney CBD with actually being in between the buildings.For $4 a trip, it’s worth it (wish the loop were bigger than 3.6Kms).Must C and ride.I also found that Sydney has Trams.The opera house is huge got a few snaps in front of it.A friend with me was commenting, this is nothing compared to Taj Mahal (and I as thinking we still look back to history to prove that we r better, couldnt help but smile).I am no expert in architecture and don’t really understand it, but I also don’t understand why film stars birthday gets covered in major newspapers in India.If people in India get emotionally charged on a Star’s bithday does that mean they are dumb enough not to appreciate Design and Workmanship?The same guy was in awe when he saw the skyscrapers earlier.I thought I dont understand girls, my knowledge of guys is just as bad! I looked at some of the aerial photos and they were awesome, will go back gain to see what I missed.

Apart from that, had a quiet deepavali and as with most NRI’s, wish I was in India.

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