Canberra-Here I come!

I am leaving to Canberra tomorrow with my friend.More than 600 Kms travel in a day, starting from Melbourne.9-10 hours journey, never been out of melbourne in the last 21/2 years that I have been in Australia.We have decided to start at 7:30 AM tomorrow and my guess is we will leave by 9:00 AM at the earliest.I tend to cynical about my punctuality.
Numerous occasions, I have been late.My principal @ KV-Lawspet in pondicherry Mr. Rajamani, for whom I have lots of respect used to call me Late Latif.Not to mention the problems that I had @ KV-Ashok Nagar when I was late.I was very efficient in escaping from the prayer sessions @ school (obviously because I was late).I also remember being late to my Board Exam (10th).My la(o)st job, I used to be late a lot and pissed off my TL.I had been late to an interview, but somehow managed to clear it.I shall write a seperate post on each occasion I was late, after I return.
Now don’t be mistaken, I had been on time on many occassions (my recent interviews, I was on time, but didn’t get through which is another story).U can say, I am as punctual as I can be ( I dont like blaming myself).

Coming to our trip starting tomorrow,as I don’t drive, it’s going to be hard on my friend I guess.Neverthless, hope the change in scenery lifts my spirits.

Will try to post some pics, we should be back by next tuesday (1-OCT-05),Hope to see and meet some nice girls before Deepavali.


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