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Been sometime since I actually posted something.I had been busy working and this new job involves no computer, I kinda like it as the only computer I can use for a long time is my Mac at home and since my 8 hours of work involves no computers, my eyes are not strained by the rays of the CRT, which made me tired and look away from my computer @ home when I returned from work, when I used to return home from my last jon. But here is some news that I had been following in this week:
  • Firefox 1.5 RC3 has been released.Download here.Review here.
    Well the earlier versions of Firefox defiinitely had memory leakage problems or atleast some problem that made my browser quit and crash on my Mac OSX, then I switched to Flock which was stable but tended to be less responsive when I switched between tabs, I also missed the extensions that I loved in Firefox.Now I have been using Firefox 1.5 for last 2 days, no crashes and also is fast.Some of my extensions do not work with this versions but yeah most of them do and it’s going to be better.My commendation to the Firefox Developers, I am thinking of adding the support firefox logo into my blog!

  • Menshealth has this article titled: 18 Tricks to teach your body
    some nice tips (i find some of them difficult to clearly understand or I am not sure if I understand them right), there is an answer for something I always wondered as to why it happens, the side stitch on my body (liver I guess) when I run for quiet some time and here is a trick that prevents it, these tricks are clever and mostly informative for a person who hated Bio(& zoo)logy at school (memorizing stuff is something, I prefer not to do, remembering the planktons, blood circulation diagrams, no of bones in the body etc, etc and all the diagrams that I was very bad drawing at.Dissection of the mouse, god thankfully had to to it just once, and my dissection was miserable).But this is the kind of biology or zoology that I would have liked to study at school: informative, practical, scientific and providing answers to everyday problems.the article is nice and read worthy.

  • MIT”s $100 Laptop story here.

  • Gallery of GUI’s (screen shots) here.
  • Gonna watch the movie Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang , here .

and yeah, I wish I don’t have to go to work tomorrow :(.

Favicon generator from an Image.

Ok, I had been wondering for a while as to how an icon shows up on the addressbar before the URL of some websites. Believe me I am not a novice webdesigner, but just that I didn’t find the time to investigate further.But thanks to this site , I realised that it has a name ‘favicon’.The icon also shows up next to the page title( even in tabs) and also in the bookmarks folder.It gives a professional look to a site.

Look at the icon of myself in the addressbar!.You can have a favicon for your site as well.Use thes sites to generate a favicon: – Generate a favicon from an Image (I used this site to create my Favicon) – Generate favicon from text that you input (you can have custon color schemes).

Once you have generated the favicon download it and save it somewhere.(I saved it in the webspace provided by my ISP, as I can’t store files on Blogger) and then type this code between your < head > … < / head > tags –

 <link rel="shortcut icon" href="URL of your favicon" />

add this code to your template so that the favicon is displayed in all the pages of your site or just to the page that you want the favicon to appear.
This site has a list of favicons of some popular sites, check it out.
digg story

iPod Nano Price Distribution

Flickr Photo

I don’t exactly know, why I created the above chart.In case it’s not self explanatory-let me explain: the chart represents the price of iPod Nano (2GB-Black/White) in a few countries.I took price information from Apple’s International pages (except for the Indian price, which was taken from Rediff and the Currency conversion was done at XE.

I am not, what you might call as smart, but this is my observation.
//Nano’s price in India is the highest among the group (and I being and Indian, makes me wonder why???).

//Cheapest is HongKong closely followed by USA (sorry the other way around).

// is actually not an apple site! (if it’s something that is very well known, I accept I //am not only ‘un’smart but also ignorant.

//I can successfully create charts on excel

//and also embed watermarks using photoshop

//my previous idea of shopping at Singapore or Malaysia, on my way to India (whenever I go there) has been dropped and I would probably catch Cathay Pacific get down at Hong Kong, //shop and leave from there to India.

//I seem to love blogging!

//any kind of software I use, seems to give me great trouble, when I most need it.

and as the double slashes (‘//’) indicate, all these observations obviously can be ignored.anyone there with some great analysis on this data (?)

P.S. Don’t take this data to be accurate (most probably it is) and I accept no responsibility for any kind of damage (including financial) resulting from it’s usage.At best it is a extremely bored person’s idea of having some fun!

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Mac machines with Intel Processors Releasing soon!

Flickr Photo

One more post from me, i am unstoppable -:), thought would share this news with everyone. Apple is most likely to launch it’s Inel based machines early next year (Jan 2006) and an ibook is going to be the first MAC (commercial) to have an Intel processor. Rumor has it that they are going to be $200 cheaper than present i-books.Don’t get too excited, developers are not going to come up with compatible programs until mid-next year.But then, heh I would like to lay my hands on Mac-Intel machine if I could save enough money. I shall go for a powerbook, as my Mac-mini is having trouble keeping up with my demands.And surely then, Hell will freeze!

More info here.

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A game for the smarties out there!

Thanks to Digg ( a online link sharing portal) found the link to this game. Engaging and could be additctive.If you think you are smart (or intelligent or great visualisor) prove it there!I ususally suck in visualising, but got enough score to be on the Top 20 ( almost everyone at digg seem to be in this bracket), lemme c if I can go higher.You know, I got a lot of free time.

And thanks to Digg again the game is interactive Tangram ( a chinese puzzle).Wiki reference:

Of Google, Google and more Google with Flock and Digg added.

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[pic] (click on the pic for a better view)

The above picture shows the distribution of traffic coming to google on 14-Aug-2003. Interesting.I just had a feeling that the traffic distribution is somewhat related to anti-clockwise rotation of earth, lemme knowif I am correct.

I have heaps of time available, had been submitting my blog to a variety of Indian Blog directories and actually am getting some traffic.Thanks and will add the links to these directories soon (that’s a promise).Apart from that had been checking Google Analytics – which is a website traffic analyser and more.

Google Base is another site I checked out (basically u can upload information about news or items and google will make it searchable, it might even end up on a search result on the actual google page). Somewhere in the introduction, I also read about able to publish what u write without actually owning a site. Makes me thinking. Could be possible that that after say 20 years there is just a single URL called say JOLTGOOGLE (Jack Of All Trades Google) and type whatever u want in the search button and presto U got it, instead of going through the myriad no of pages and url’s.Just a crazy thought.BTW, I have added the Sania story (refer to my previous post) into GB and it should be available in about 40-60 mins, so search for it on GB

Had come across the above picture thanks to Digg (which is basically a user contributed news website), looks cool to me!Some interesting stuff!

My Firefox has been crashing repeatedly for some reason, so ended up using Safari and this browser called Flock. Flock has the Firefox engine but has some great features like an integrated Blogging tool (which also has a Flickr toolbar, so I can drag my photos on Flickr from this toolbar and use it in my post-pretty cool!).Another great feature is when I type in something onto the search toolbar I get results from my history and if that isn’t enough I can press enter and yeah can get results from Google.So say for example, I forgot the name of my blog, I type in k7 on the search toolbar I have a link to my site on top, very useful.Flock is still a developer version, doesn’t support firefox extensions (hopefully as more people start using this browser, we shall have more extensions), and still a bit slow on my machine (esp, when I try to go to another tab, while the current tab is loading).But overall a very nice Browser.

Sania Mania- Making sense?

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Sania Mirza turns 19 today

I am not a big fan of tennis, I rarely idolize sports personalities, for me Birthday is just another day. But I love girls, good looking, young,intelligent, giving and achieving.So this morning when I got up and habitually looked at timesofindia, this is what I see in Indiatimes> People> Quickies, it is her birthday!

I am going to be honest – people talk about her attitude, determination, her forehand and backhand, her aggression, her meteoric rise to superstardom from a middle class family background – these are all great no doubt, but the bottomline is she is attractive (if I can, i will advise her to get rid of the rings on her face).So that is the single-most important reason for me to say “Happy Birthday, Babe!”.

Don’t get me wrong, looks are not the only thing I notice in girls.But then with all the hooplah sorrounding Sania nowadays, I am reminded of another icon of my childhood time, Payyoli Tevaraparampi Usha or P.T.Usha, a true sprint queen.A quick intro of P.T.Usha. Born June 27-1964, 2 silver medals in the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi, 5 gold medals at the Asian Meet in Jakarta in 1985, 4 golds and a silver medal a year later at the Asian Games at Seoul.She came very close to getting India a much needed medal in Olympics (source:

Now, maybe I am wrong, but I dont remember P.T.Usha’s Birthday getting this much national coverage.I was a kid when she won all the medals, but then I am a person who uses facts and figures to justify what is happening.I guess going by Usha’s achievment she deserves as much adulation as Sania or even more, While Sania is basking in the limelight , getting crores of rupees for being brand ambassadors for products, I am thinking why is Usha and so many other Indian sportspersons not getting the recognition that they deserve?

Now this is Usha’s picture

Flickr Photo


If she were as attractive as dear Sania, would she be as popular as Sania?
I am again being honest, when I say that I would wish P.T.Usha a Happy Birthday on June 27 next year and yes it is because of her achievements rather than anything else.

Dark Tale


He sat there: in his tiny little room in his tiny little apartment, he could feel the sound of the cars whizzing past on the highway near his apartment as if they were running away from someone. He imagined the cars carrying people: small, tiny people; leading an inconsequential, meaningless, tiring, boring life. With their tiny jobs earning tiny money. Leading a life of rejection, dejection and frustrations. Leading a life of deceit and fear. Deceiving themselves of the reality of the smallness of their lives and ignoring the poverty, illiteracy of their fellow denizens. Overwhelmed by their own state, they refuse to even think about anything other than their tiny little families or job with an strong emphasis on how it could affect them.Fear of – or caused by- tiny little people who cohabitate this tiny planet in this tiny solar system. Led by corrupt, dishonest, cavalier, heartless, stupid, insipid, greedy tiny little leaders.

With their only accomplishment in their entire lives being either, the tiny little promotion or the tiny little degree they got or the tiny little family that they have or the tiny little car that they are travelling in.

Where is greatness? Who is great? Can someone become great? Can everyone become great? What constitutes greatness?

Is honesty, integrity, chastity non-existent? Is grace, beauty just associated with the body?

Sipping the drink he was contemplating, thinking. Infuriated, dejected, disheartened, and depressed by the world that he was living in.

Then he heard something. Very different to the noise of the traffic. It was pure, sweet. It was a voice, of a person, a tiny person, maybe a girl. He recognised the voice instantaneously. “DAD”, it was his daughter. She twisted the doorknobs with her tiny little fingers, pushing the door open with her tiny little palms. There she was in front of him cherubic, angelic, and beautiful while being tiny, small.

His heart, which was filled with gloom, despair was suddenly filled with love, affection, warmth. He picked her tiny little body, slowly, carefully, placed her on his lap.Wrapped his arms around her and placed a peck on her tiny little cheek. Then he beamed like a thousand Suns and said “Yes, Dear!”

He loved life, even with all its shortcomings, it allowed him to have a tiny little child for company.

……..and the title of the post is Dark Tale turns Bright.

Canberra, Sydney and SRK.

[pic] Reuters

SRK turns 40 today.From

Even Time magazine reported on him: ‘Every film he graces is a surefire smash; every product he endorses is a bestseller; there are so many shrines to him across India, that he can launch a new religion.
I might disagree, but anyway the man deserves to be praised (actually most men deserve) on his(their) birthday(s), even if it’s slightly exaggerated.The problem occurs when something like this happens everyday in a man’s life.Women’s life is different, they deserved to be praised everyday-if they r good looking-otherwise not even on their birthdays, sorry that wasnt a great attempt at making jokes.
Anyway, let me focus on my life.Was back from my tour yesterday.Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney-Canberra-Melboune in 2 days , around 2000 Kms by Car and I shall stop with that.Actually I will add a few more lines.Canberra is small and not very impressive,Sydney seems to be huge (pardon me if I am wrong,I was there for 4-5 hours and half of it was wasted in finding an Indian restaurant called Dakhini, if I remember) got some pictures of Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Monorail.Monorail is one of the very few elevated rail systems in the world, offering an elevated view of Sydney CBD with actually being in between the buildings.For $4 a trip, it’s worth it (wish the loop were bigger than 3.6Kms).Must C and ride.I also found that Sydney has Trams.The opera house is huge got a few snaps in front of it.A friend with me was commenting, this is nothing compared to Taj Mahal (and I as thinking we still look back to history to prove that we r better, couldnt help but smile).I am no expert in architecture and don’t really understand it, but I also don’t understand why film stars birthday gets covered in major newspapers in India.If people in India get emotionally charged on a Star’s bithday does that mean they are dumb enough not to appreciate Design and Workmanship?The same guy was in awe when he saw the skyscrapers earlier.I thought I dont understand girls, my knowledge of guys is just as bad! I looked at some of the aerial photos and they were awesome, will go back gain to see what I missed.

Apart from that, had a quiet deepavali and as with most NRI’s, wish I was in India.