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Been sometime since I actually posted something.I had been busy working and this new job involves no computer, I kinda like it as the only computer I can use for a long time is my Mac at home and since my 8 hours of work involves no computers, my eyes are not strained by the rays of the CRT, which made me tired and look away from my computer @ home when I returned from work, when I used to return home from my last jon. But here is some news that I had been following in this week:
  • Firefox 1.5 RC3 has been released.Download here.Review here.
    Well the earlier versions of Firefox defiinitely had memory leakage problems or atleast some problem that made my browser quit and crash on my Mac OSX, then I switched to Flock which was stable but tended to be less responsive when I switched between tabs, I also missed the extensions that I loved in Firefox.Now I have been using Firefox 1.5 for last 2 days, no crashes and also is fast.Some of my extensions do not work with this versions but yeah most of them do and it’s going to be better.My commendation to the Firefox Developers, I am thinking of adding the support firefox logo into my blog!

  • Menshealth has this article titled: 18 Tricks to teach your body
    some nice tips (i find some of them difficult to clearly understand or I am not sure if I understand them right), there is an answer for something I always wondered as to why it happens, the side stitch on my body (liver I guess) when I run for quiet some time and here is a trick that prevents it, these tricks are clever and mostly informative for a person who hated Bio(& zoo)logy at school (memorizing stuff is something, I prefer not to do, remembering the planktons, blood circulation diagrams, no of bones in the body etc, etc and all the diagrams that I was very bad drawing at.Dissection of the mouse, god thankfully had to to it just once, and my dissection was miserable).But this is the kind of biology or zoology that I would have liked to study at school: informative, practical, scientific and providing answers to everyday problems.the article is nice and read worthy.

  • MIT”s $100 Laptop story here.

  • Gallery of GUI’s (screen shots) here.
  • Gonna watch the movie Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang , here .

and yeah, I wish I don’t have to go to work tomorrow :(.

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