iPod Nano Price Distribution

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I don’t exactly know, why I created the above chart.In case it’s not self explanatory-let me explain: the chart represents the price of iPod Nano (2GB-Black/White) in a few countries.I took price information from Apple’s International pages (except for the Indian price, which was taken from Rediff and the Currency conversion was done at XE.

I am not, what you might call as smart, but this is my observation.
//Nano’s price in India is the highest among the group (and I being and Indian, makes me wonder why???).

//Cheapest is HongKong closely followed by USA (sorry the other way around).

//apple.co.uk is actually not an apple site! (if it’s something that is very well known, I accept I //am not only ‘un’smart but also ignorant.

//I can successfully create charts on excel

//and also embed watermarks using photoshop

//my previous idea of shopping at Singapore or Malaysia, on my way to India (whenever I go there) has been dropped and I would probably catch Cathay Pacific get down at Hong Kong, //shop and leave from there to India.

//I seem to love blogging!

//any kind of software I use, seems to give me great trouble, when I most need it.

and as the double slashes (‘//’) indicate, all these observations obviously can be ignored.anyone there with some great analysis on this data (?)

P.S. Don’t take this data to be accurate (most probably it is) and I accept no responsibility for any kind of damage (including financial) resulting from it’s usage.At best it is a extremely bored person’s idea of having some fun!

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