Dark Tale

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He sat there: in his tiny little room in his tiny little apartment, he could feel the sound of the cars whizzing past on the highway near his apartment as if they were running away from someone. He imagined the cars carrying people: small, tiny people; leading an inconsequential, meaningless, tiring, boring life. With their tiny jobs earning tiny money. Leading a life of rejection, dejection and frustrations. Leading a life of deceit and fear. Deceiving themselves of the reality of the smallness of their lives and ignoring the poverty, illiteracy of their fellow denizens. Overwhelmed by their own state, they refuse to even think about anything other than their tiny little families or job with an strong emphasis on how it could affect them.Fear of – or caused by- tiny little people who cohabitate this tiny planet in this tiny solar system. Led by corrupt, dishonest, cavalier, heartless, stupid, insipid, greedy tiny little leaders.

With their only accomplishment in their entire lives being either, the tiny little promotion or the tiny little degree they got or the tiny little family that they have or the tiny little car that they are travelling in.

Where is greatness? Who is great? Can someone become great? Can everyone become great? What constitutes greatness?

Is honesty, integrity, chastity non-existent? Is grace, beauty just associated with the body?

Sipping the drink he was contemplating, thinking. Infuriated, dejected, disheartened, and depressed by the world that he was living in.

Then he heard something. Very different to the noise of the traffic. It was pure, sweet. It was a voice, of a person, a tiny person, maybe a girl. He recognised the voice instantaneously. “DAD”, it was his daughter. She twisted the doorknobs with her tiny little fingers, pushing the door open with her tiny little palms. There she was in front of him cherubic, angelic, and beautiful while being tiny, small.

His heart, which was filled with gloom, despair was suddenly filled with love, affection, warmth. He picked her tiny little body, slowly, carefully, placed her on his lap.Wrapped his arms around her and placed a peck on her tiny little cheek. Then he beamed like a thousand Suns and said “Yes, Dear!”

He loved life, even with all its shortcomings, it allowed him to have a tiny little child for company.

……..and the title of the post is Dark Tale turns Bright.

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