Of Google, Google and more Google with Flock and Digg added.

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[pic] http://labs.google.com/papers/sawzall.html (click on the pic for a better view)

The above picture shows the distribution of traffic coming to google on 14-Aug-2003. Interesting.I just had a feeling that the traffic distribution is somewhat related to anti-clockwise rotation of earth, lemme knowif I am correct.

I have heaps of time available, had been submitting my blog to a variety of Indian Blog directories and actually am getting some traffic.Thanks and will add the links to these directories soon (that’s a promise).Apart from that had been checking Google Analytics – which is a website traffic analyser and more.

Google Base is another site I checked out (basically u can upload information about news or items and google will make it searchable, it might even end up on a search result on the actual google page). Somewhere in the introduction, I also read about able to publish what u write without actually owning a site. Makes me thinking. Could be possible that that after say 20 years there is just a single URL called say JOLTGOOGLE (Jack Of All Trades Google) and type whatever u want in the search button and presto U got it, instead of going through the myriad no of pages and url’s.Just a crazy thought.BTW, I have added the Sania story (refer to my previous post) into GB and it should be available in about 40-60 mins, so search for it on GB

Had come across the above picture thanks to Digg (which is basically a user contributed news website), looks cool to me!Some interesting stuff!

My Firefox has been crashing repeatedly for some reason, so ended up using Safari and this browser called Flock. Flock has the Firefox engine but has some great features like an integrated Blogging tool (which also has a Flickr toolbar, so I can drag my photos on Flickr from this toolbar and use it in my post-pretty cool!).Another great feature is when I type in something onto the search toolbar I get results from my history and if that isn’t enough I can press enter and yeah can get results from Google.So say for example, I forgot the name of my blog, I type in k7 on the search toolbar I have a link to my site on top, very useful.Flock is still a developer version, doesn’t support firefox extensions (hopefully as more people start using this browser, we shall have more extensions), and still a bit slow on my machine (esp, when I try to go to another tab, while the current tab is loading).But overall a very nice Browser.

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