Sania Mania- Making sense?

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Sania Mirza turns 19 today

I am not a big fan of tennis, I rarely idolize sports personalities, for me Birthday is just another day. But I love girls, good looking, young,intelligent, giving and achieving.So this morning when I got up and habitually looked at timesofindia, this is what I see in Indiatimes> People> Quickies, it is her birthday!

I am going to be honest – people talk about her attitude, determination, her forehand and backhand, her aggression, her meteoric rise to superstardom from a middle class family background – these are all great no doubt, but the bottomline is she is attractive (if I can, i will advise her to get rid of the rings on her face).So that is the single-most important reason for me to say “Happy Birthday, Babe!”.

Don’t get me wrong, looks are not the only thing I notice in girls.But then with all the hooplah sorrounding Sania nowadays, I am reminded of another icon of my childhood time, Payyoli Tevaraparampi Usha or P.T.Usha, a true sprint queen.A quick intro of P.T.Usha. Born June 27-1964, 2 silver medals in the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi, 5 gold medals at the Asian Meet in Jakarta in 1985, 4 golds and a silver medal a year later at the Asian Games at Seoul.She came very close to getting India a much needed medal in Olympics (source:

Now, maybe I am wrong, but I dont remember P.T.Usha’s Birthday getting this much national coverage.I was a kid when she won all the medals, but then I am a person who uses facts and figures to justify what is happening.I guess going by Usha’s achievment she deserves as much adulation as Sania or even more, While Sania is basking in the limelight , getting crores of rupees for being brand ambassadors for products, I am thinking why is Usha and so many other Indian sportspersons not getting the recognition that they deserve?

Now this is Usha’s picture

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If she were as attractive as dear Sania, would she be as popular as Sania?
I am again being honest, when I say that I would wish P.T.Usha a Happy Birthday on June 27 next year and yes it is because of her achievements rather than anything else.

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