Canberra-Here I come!

I am leaving to Canberra tomorrow with my friend.More than 600 Kms travel in a day, starting from Melbourne.9-10 hours journey, never been out of melbourne in the last 21/2 years that I have been in Australia.We have decided to start at 7:30 AM tomorrow and my guess is we will leave by 9:00 AM at the earliest.I tend to cynical about my punctuality.
Numerous occasions, I have been late.My principal @ KV-Lawspet in pondicherry Mr. Rajamani, for whom I have lots of respect used to call me Late Latif.Not to mention the problems that I had @ KV-Ashok Nagar when I was late.I was very efficient in escaping from the prayer sessions @ school (obviously because I was late).I also remember being late to my Board Exam (10th).My la(o)st job, I used to be late a lot and pissed off my TL.I had been late to an interview, but somehow managed to clear it.I shall write a seperate post on each occasion I was late, after I return.
Now don’t be mistaken, I had been on time on many occassions (my recent interviews, I was on time, but didn’t get through which is another story).U can say, I am as punctual as I can be ( I dont like blaming myself).

Coming to our trip starting tomorrow,as I don’t drive, it’s going to be hard on my friend I guess.Neverthless, hope the change in scenery lifts my spirits.

Will try to post some pics, we should be back by next tuesday (1-OCT-05),Hope to see and meet some nice girls before Deepavali.


Torrent of bits – Cohen on Fortune

Bittorrent is hugely popular with me and my friends.I guess a lot of people use torrents.It’s creator used to live like this:

First he lived off savings from the handful of jobs he’d worked during the bubble. When that ran out, he lived off credit cards, following a rigid system for applying for and transferring debt to 0% introductory-rate cards.

according to this article , Interesting read!I have been trying to do this (transferring balance from one credit card to another) with mild success.

and this is his (Bram Cohen’s) blog.I was running out of blogs to read and have a new one now!

Mr President,Happy Birthday!!!


India is a country obsessed with Film & Sports personalities; not to mention senseless politicians (read political leaders).Personally, I rarely celebrate birthdays (not to mention the don’t care attitude I have for New years day, Valentine’s day and so on).

I am probably right in saying that Mr. Kalam would feel the same about his birthday.Then, why this post, you might ask.Well, exceptions are so part of my life.While the number of people that I have wished HB is numerically less than the number of fingers I have (10), and except for my sister, I cannot say I was 100% sincere while wishing (this is revealed, with the hope that those guys and girls don’t read this post);I have to say that Mr. Kalam has an iconic stature in my heart, and I take this opportunity to wish him the best, so he can do what he has been doing for my country.

Go here, if you wanna wish him the same.

Mr Kalam says:

In this world, fear has no place. Only strength respects strength.

and I sure have to tattoo it in my mind, thanks kalam, sir.


This is the message I get, when I try to access my blog:


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

C’mon google, I am leaning towards yahoo nowadays (My Web, especially, appeals to me);It is in my nature to go for the Underdog (if I can use the adjective for Yahoo) and I am Yahooing instead of Googling and for the first time am using a toolbar (Yahoo).Will probably go back to Ymail instead of Gmail soon.

Hope this post is published, with no problem (a coincidence, am listening to no problem from lovebirds!).

Interview Q1


I am looking for a Job, and am applying for a customer service role among other things. I have to come up with answers for the questions that I need to answer in the interview.I know the employer wants to get the best possible candidate, but seriously the kind of questions that are asked are simply annoying, wish I could say it is a bloody cust service role and anyone who can speak fluently will be able to do the job.I can understand role plays, but as for as these questions are concerned, one word (or is it two?) to describe them: BS.

The audioclip above, is my response to a commonly asked question “TELL ME ABOUT A TIME WHEN U WENT THE EXTRA MILE FOR A CUSTOMER?”, If you are in the same position as me, maybe this will give u an idea as to what to say.Be warned,I accept no responsibilities, whatsoever, If this kind of response gets u nowhere.

The good news is, more audioclips to follow, with my answers for commonly asked questions, this way I also try to distract myself from the pitiful situation that I am in.Wish me the best.