1:30 pm here and am still awake (or atleast typing this).Just wanna write, which I seem to enjoy (yesterday) was a gr8 day (I wish)..No just an average day, went for a walk along Brighton Rd for abt 40 mins, the weather was gr8 especially in the last 20 mins (around 5:00 pm), then went to a friends place as Mango (mangaraju my house mate and friend) asked me to come with him, after this met with the duo of Sri and Prasad (other friends) @ Hare Rama hare Krishna in sth melb (Danks St) and also Sri’s friend (trio) hritesh and (what, after trio) another guy ..das ( who seems to preach Krsna consciousness).A lively (?) discussion on gita and way of living followed, as usual I was for most part a silent spectator, Das also talked about a Krsna consciousness meeting held every sat abt 7:45pm, maybe will go sometime.

What followed was something very exciting, well am, just teasing.Went to Bombay Club in Ormond (just opposite to Ormond railway station) had a nice dinner, paid by Prasad.

here I am after looking @ a few things on the internet (what kind of things does one look @, @ this time??, before u start assuming, was looking @ some other blogs to get an idea of how I can improve this one, was also looking @ a few other things).

Pity there seems to be no alternative for DC++ for Mac, as I was told DC++ is gr8 in windows.At the moment I feel that Limewire is a gr8 software, really fast file sharing program for Mac.As for as torrents are concerned Bits On Wheels is a great BitTorrent client for Mac.My fav IndianTorrent/Indian torrents site is tmstorrents (torrent files for Indian Movies and Songs) and for torrents search Torrent Typhoon seems to be very good.

maybe end with this 2day.

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