My Social Search Engine:SansJ has had some updates to it’s interface recently. Most notable is the use of CSS based Buttons instead of standard HTML buttons. Thanks to some excellent free web 2.0-ish icons available here, I have been able to create some good-looking CSS buttons.The new menubar at the top has been created with help from here; which is a wonderful site to learn about HTML <li> and also look at some implementations (mainly CSS based menus).

I wa surprised to find that IE does not support :hover for anything other than <a> and was happy to use the workaround available here.

Another weird problem that I encountered with IE (versions 6 & 7).IE doesn’t seem to display text that had the color defined as ‘grey’, but, when I used the HEX value for color grey the text actually was visible. It is a bit difficult for me to put up with these issues as at home (where I mostly code), I use a mac and do not have IE (running windows a Guest OS, is something I wouldn’t want to do again), so I discover these quirks with IE when I get to work and then try to FTP to my site and try to edit files, and is getting quite painful as I am usually busy at work.

More updates, soon.I am hoping to complete some ideas that I would want to implement before I leave to NZ for a 4 day vacation.In preparation to the trip (apart from the shopping), I have decided to get rid of the tummy that could get out of control and found some help here.

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