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  • Forum for Indians in Australia


  • gzip/bzip2 taking too long to compress large files

    Use pbzip2. I have noticed significant reduction in time while compressing files larger than 1GB.

  • Bulk Insert while using PDO

    If you are looking to Bulk Insert while using PDO and want to use bound parameters (to prevent SQL injection), please have a look at this solution here: Quite simple and does the job.

  • Browse Indian News Stories on your IPhone

    I developed a website that you can browse to get the top News Stories from India. Here is the description that I added when I submitted the app to Apple: The site offers you top news stories from a variety of News Sources from India covering topics such as General News, Sports,  Cinema, Finance and…

  • Tamil Movie reviews site.

    Finally, you have a site where, at a glance, one gets to read multiple tamil movie reviews. Very cool! Check it out at

  • updates.

    My Social Search Engine:SansJ has had some updates to it’s interface recently. Most notable is the use of CSS based Buttons instead of standard HTML buttons. Thanks to some excellent free web 2.0-ish icons available here, I have been able to create some good-looking CSS buttons.The new menubar at the top has been created with…

  • Search done well!

    My search site can be accessed at have also created a what-is-SansJ-kinda page here: SansJ Wiki. I intend to write about SansJ and the latest development happening at SansJ in that part of the site. Also, was successfully able to implement a SansJ search plugin for Firefox 2.0 and IE7(haven’t tested in IE7 as…

  • A game for the smarties out there!

    Thanks to Digg ( a online link sharing portal) found the link to this game. Engaging and could be additctive.If you think you are smart (or intelligent or great visualisor) prove it there!I ususally suck in visualising, but got enough score to be on the Top 20 ( almost everyone at digg seem to be…

  • Apple Home Pages since 1997

    This is interesting, History of people, History of time (briefly) and now history of websites. An interesting piece of History. Check out