Browse Indian News Stories on your IPhone

I developed a website that you can browse to get the top News Stories from India. Here is the description that I added when I submitted the app to Apple:

The site offers you top news stories from a variety of News Sources from India covering topics such as General News, Sports,  Cinema, Finance and Technology.

Unique features:
1. Ability to vote for a particular news article:
If you like a particular news item, you can approve of it by clicking on the up arrow next to he article and that would be counted as a vote for the article.

2. Top Stories
Interested in knowing which articles in a particular category are popular (lots of votes)? Then look at the Top Stories section and you will find it there.

3. Free
The site is free to use and was mainly constructed because I was not really impressed with the other apps/sites offering this kind of service and decided to design my own site for personal  use.    Now I am opening it up for everyone who feels the same about the lack of decent Indian News site for IPhone users.

The site can be accessed here:

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