Of everything and nothing!

I was looking at my site stats and one of the visitior visited my site by searching for “a blog on everything” and getting my site link in the search results, interesting, so according to google my site is about everything!
I am loving Digg, amazing and amusing, now that is a site about everything (related to tech).Got this story thru Digg: a electrical engg student swapping the barcode of an ipod with that of a headphone and in the process getting a huge discount and is now finding himself in a jail.I knew I could do this, but couldn’t get myself to ‘steal’ something.

Am finding myself in great spirits, am happy and had been humming my favourite tunes and also shaking my body (extremely rare for me), dunno why.One thing has been giving me the shit, Internet, we are in the process of switching our broadband providers (as the 20GB limit on our previous plan was not sufficient), and so had to use dialup until the switching takes place, I had huge problems sharing the dialup connection between the two mac’s in our house-my love the mac mini and my housie’s dear iBook G4- using the Airport express, now when we had broadband, sharing was no probs, just had to connect the base station to the DSL router and presto! our macs synched with each other.But, dialup was a different issue, I was frusturated with sharing the dial up connection, was even thinking of going back to a wired solution, the blue wire running from my housie’s room to mine, a sloppy and even dangerous arrangement!The other option for me was to use the iBook for internet until we got broadband.This was not easy for me as I am used to the 17″ amazing Dell monitor and found it difficult looking at the 14(or 15)” screen of the ibook and so avoided using internet.But then I could not stand not being without the internet and started googling as t how to solve the problem, was looking at Apple’s site and saw that on the Airport express page there was no mention of sharing Dial up, it mentioned sharing Cable and DSL but no mention of Dial up.I almost came to the conclusion that sharing dial up using the base station was impossible.But then, thanks to this site, I am sharing Dial up internet connection using my Airport Express Base sation.
digg story

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  1. Digg is awesome, and will grow into a lot of new categories beyond tech over time. The format should work just as well with other categories of news, including politics and sports.

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