Now what is this?


(via kiruba<<mohan ) and yeah it is for sale.

ater a few flipping/merging/brushing/saving in photoshop I am uploading this:


Hate and Love as mirror images.Volte-Face seem to be the order of the day!

3 responses to “Now what is this?”

  1. Profound philosophy ain’t it. Everything has an opposite. So putting it in physics terms that is why maganetic monopoles don’t exist.(all my co-physicists are going to kill me for that).
    BTW that reminds me of Angels and Demons…have you read it?

  2. haven’t read angels and demons..

    Everything has an opposite-very true in the modern dualistic physics and also in the western philosophy (of plato/aristotle), was just watching V for Vendetta (again) and this conversation struck me:

    [evey is released from the ‘cell’ and discovers V held her in it, and they start talking]
    Eve: “You r getting back @ them for what they did to her…and u.”
    V: “What was done to me created me, that is the basic principle of the Universe: A reaction will create an equal and opposing reaction.”
    Evey: “ is that how u see it, like an equation?”
    V: “what was done to me was monstrous.”
    Evey: “and they created a monster”

    and they created a monster, that is true as well.

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