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just finished watching Malena on SBS and enjoyed watching it.the main characters in the film are a 13 year old boy and a very attractive women played by eminently endowed Monica Bellucci .showing the impact that a woman can have even on a young also shows how rumour and jealousy can play a big part in ruining peoples life and how time is a big healer.the film was gr8 to watch not only because of Bellucci, but also because I like seeing Italian architecture creating wonders in the streets of sicily.
i love seeing european films, most of them seem to have a soul in them, they are very realistic and people oriented, exploring the emotions of humans against the backdrop of beautiful architecture.some other films i enjoyed watching are Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Le (Amélie, 2001)– the innocent screen charmer , Abre los ojos (1997) – the english version Vanilla Sky which i didnt like much.
One of the best films I had seen was a greek one, the title of which i am unable to remember, to my dismay.the film was abt this boy who is a gr8 violonist (misses his father who is divorced from his mother), tries to come in terms with his mother’s new lover and while losing his sight is helped by a very very beautiful teacher (i wud like to remember the name of the movie, just, so i can get more info on this actress) all in a picturesque greek island, just amazing.i shall leave the review to the people @ The Internet Movie Database, as they seem to know what they r doing, unlike me.
thanks SBS for showcasing these movies, i am not sure wheteher i would have been able to watch these movies back in India.
that’s it for now, not working 2morrow (semantically 2day), but wud love 2 get 2 bed, without having to worry abt getting up-to go to work.

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