Pagination issue in Pligg

—-This post is part of my effort to document issues that I face while using Pligg.—-
As the number of posts increase at (I have got nothing else to do!), I noticed something that was not right (which I kinda ignored before). As the number of posts became greater that the number of posts that were meant to be one page, I expected a link down at the bottom of the page that would have directed me to older submissions (pagination). That did not occur, after some searching, I came across a Post in the Pligg forum that directed me to download the Admin Total Plugin, that kind of regenerates the total no of pages ;submitted, queued and discarded. after installing and clicking on Regenerate Totals link twice, I was able to fix the issue. If you are unable to see page links in Pligg and have

 do_pages($rows, $page_size, "published");  

uncommented in index_center.tpl , then defintely download the plugin and give it a try.

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