Kuselan – Review

Here is the Review that I posted as a comment here: http://www.cinereviews.in/kuselan/

A movie that most people will enjoy. Rajini appears in a few crucial scenes and excels in those.

Most people would probably know about the story, so I am not going to elaborate on that. In a few words; The Movies is about two friends, one Rich and famous, while the other poor and struggling and how they end up meeting each other after a long time.Especially enjoyed the first part of the movie.It was very funny and went very fast for me.

I enjoyed the Soundtracks, they were very pleasant. Tamil movies have come a long way in using Graphical Effects in movies and you can see that making a big impact in this movie. Especially, loved the vibrant color that was draping all the scenes. The way the scenes were shot was a bit different, from the many movies that I had seen recently, most scenes were close ups of the actors and emphasized the theme of the movie: it is all about the people/relationships, nothing fancy or complicated in the story-line.

Santhanam and Vadivelu were great in their roles as comedians. Nayanthara was looking good.Sadly no real role for her in the movie. Certainly at-least one song (Nayan dancing in the rain) could have been avoided.

Meena as Pasupathy’s was looking great!

Pasupathy did an excellent job in the movie and was able to extract a lot of empathy through his portrayal as a struggling, but, righteous Barber. It is definitely HIS movie.My only problem is that Pasupathy – in-spite of his wonderful portrayal – is not getting the coverage that he deserves and all the limelight seems to be on Rajini.

Oh, well, hope the mainstream media tones down the hype that they attach with Rajini and move the focus towards Pasupathy, even Rajini would agree with that!


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