Fos pou svini, To and Malcom

Fos pou svini, To (2000) aka Fading light is the greek movie, I was talking abt in my earlier post and the actress i was referring to was Viki Volioti . i can sometimes push myself just too hard to remember things.the last two days,I had been fervently searching the web (googling mainly) to get these details.IMDB was pretty bad when it came to plot search.but finally googled SBS to get these details.after getting the movie title, i started diligently searching for Viki Volioti’s picture and couldn’t find anything on google, Yahoo helped me in finding that she is also known as Vicky Volioti and then i got to see some pics, she looked good but i was not impressed with those pics (not her).I read somewhere that yahoo’s search is getting better (than google’s), i would agree to an extent because when i search for kesavan on yahoo my 2 sites come in the first page, while in google they don’t should justify what i read abt yahoo, i suppose.

while searching for the greek movie, i was also trying to remember a very good aussie movie which i saw 6-7 months ago and i remembered it as Malcom (1986), a movie abt a very very likeable character, i remember that the soundtrack was also impressive.

the thing that surprised me was i found it extremely difficult to find these movies on the internet. i guess there is nothing like a human brain when it comes to processing and finding data hidden somewhere in the grey cells.

i am sitting here, typing this on a friday night after having pizza from ilianas, after a hard days work (my boss would not agree, but i am entitled to my opinions and for god’s sake it’s my site) and after meeting someone I really like and am unable to forget. am working tomorrow as well, so guess should get gud nights sleep, as i start early.c what is in store tomorrow.

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  1. as my husband and i have stayed on the island of halki where
    to fos pou svini was made for the last 9 years i would like to buy a copy of the dvd but i have tried songsearch and tower and neither company can trae a copy can you tell me where i could buy same i would be most grateful thankyou
    jan gibson

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