Customizing Pligg

Customizing Pligg can be as simple as editing some .tpl files.

If you would like to change; the name of the site, e-mail address that is used to send password reset info, RSS description and a few other things, go to the libs directory under your Pligg Installation directory and edit lang.conf (basically search for ‘pligg’ and replace it with the name of your site).

Also if you want to edit the header, login as god and from the admin page, click Template editor and edit the header.tpl and in the headbar div add your link (code), you might want to add the code under both the {if} and {else} clauses.

If you would like to create a custom FAQs/about page (why wouldn’t you?) edit the faq-en_center.tpl file.

I am still trying learn how to configure Pligg. Pligg is still not yet perfect, but, very good. I would prefer writing my own code that I can use for my new project, but Pligg gives me a head-start and I will continue to use it for some time.

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