Cinema times

Been watching a lot of movies and my thoughts:

  1. Dream Girls – Some amazing performances, a stunning Beyonce and some stupendous choreography. A friend of mine went there half-asleep and came out fully awake.
  2. GURU – For all the expectations, was disappointed. The story was not convincing enough, but have to give it to Abishek on a great performance, was it better than the short but groovy  performance by Mallika?, that I have no answer for!
  3. Blood Diamond – The more I watch Leonardo act, the more I start to like him as an actor. A story touching a very delicate subject, thank God I do not ever remember using the precious stone(s).
  4. The Pursuit of Happyness – Not mightily impressed, do not know why. The story was good and so was the performance of the actors, but, I felt that  the story was a bit too heavy, maybe it was because I was tired even before I started watching the movie, then again, can’t I expect the movie to invigorate me?

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