Author: k7

  • Keepalived instance not entering FAILED state

    When a monitored interface goes down, the instance immediately enters FAILED state and the other instance gets into the MASTER state. But, if you have a script block to check – say you are monitoring HAProxy – and HAProxy goes down the MASTER will not enter FAILED state, unless you do this: Set the weight…

  • Discourse with Docker on port 80

    Discourse can cause you trouble if you have it running(listening) on a non-standard port inside the Docker instance. (the feed, google auth return url have the port and host info in them) (assuming you would like to serve requests from a standard http(s) port). To make it work smoothly, I had to make it listen…

  • linux disk usage not adding up

    Umount file systems on that partition one by one and look for files in the mount point. When mounting a filesystem on a mount point any existing files in that mount point are not deleted. They just appear hidden when running du.  

  • My First Android App

    More info here: Graph Muni I wrote an Android client to view Munin Graphs. Please check it out.

  • missing scheme in email body url

    Some mail service providers (Yahoo Mail exhibits this at the moment), do not like links that do not have a scheme(http/https for instance) and will make the link non-clickable by removing the href. The fix is simple: Google Google

  • how to not run a cron job between certain datetimes

    Say, I have a cron job entry and do not want the job to run between 2013-02-01 9PM (Feb 1st 2013) and 2013-02-02 11AM (Feb 2nd 2013), this is one possible solution (in crontab).

  • rsync only certain files

    Create a file on on the origin server and use the –files-from option cd / rsync -anvi –files-from=/tmp/only_these_files . to-server:/ cat /tmp/only_these_files /srv/www/mysite/uploaded_files/9a3d3d9046aaad4bbe3074d794a6adaf.jpg /srv/www/mysite/uploaded_files/5ca1c97efd730427f846e457bd0a0667.png /srv/www/mysite/uploaded_files/5b0923025b4a1fde3a34119bfcd56567.jpg /srv/www/mysite/uploaded_files/870ed45d9ad704deace8fb541242425a.jpg

  • Starting KVM guest after memory change

    After a memory module was taken out the system, the KVM guest was failing to start complaining about insufficient memory. Editing the domain XML file (in /etc/libvirt/qemu on Debian) to use less RAM and then trying to start the guest did not work. I had to do this: libvirt-bin restart for the the updated XML…

  • WordPress + Nginx + Permalinks Rewrite rules

    The following works for me: I have my blog here: my permalink structure is: /%postname%/

  • Bella donna

    Bella donna won’t be tamed Belluci, however, is unconcerned about what her children might think of her movies. ”If you are scared about what people think or what you represent or what your image can be, then you are not free any more in your choices. That can be dangerous for your art. I think…