Month: November 2007

  • Tamil Movie reviews site.

    Finally, you have a site where, at a glance, one gets to read multiple tamil movie reviews. Very cool! Check it out at

  • Getting visitor location in PHP.

    I had been trying to track the location of visitors based on their IP addresses. I ran into problems earlier while trying to acheive that and gave up. Today, I Finally managed to do that. Thanks to the geodb availablehere. I hacked up a function that would accept an IP address as a parameter and…

  • Pagination issue in Pligg

    —-This post is part of my effort to document issues that I face while using Pligg.—- As the number of posts increase at (I have got nothing else to do!), I noticed something that was not right (which I kinda ignored before). As the number of posts became greater that the number of posts…

  • Shopping Deals in India

    I am currently involved with, a site where Indian Shoppers can; submit a shopping deal that they have come across in their city, vote and comment on deals submitted by others.Also I have developed a facebook app based on which is accessible here.