Starting with Revolution/Wii


“Wii is a gaming machine also for the non-gamers”-is how the CEO of Nintendo describes/markets it. I would agree as, I never was a big fan of Games (I was a big fan of NFS & Age of Empires titles though). If you consider watching TV (or Idiot Box) as a waste of tome then yeah, playing games (virtually) should b considered waste of time as well. But maybe the geek in me attracted me toward the Wii (especially the wii-mote and Nunchuk controller), finally I can play a game as I always wanted it to be. Ironically, I was drawn away from games because of the myriad controls and the complex controller that bound me with it’s limitations/complexity, but I am drawn to Wii because the controllers would set me free from it. Forget the not-so-great graphics of the Wii compared o PS3/Xbox, forget the fact that there r very few games that I would play- I am getting one as soon as it is available in Australia (read in MX that it might cost around 400AUD).

Official Nintendo Wii Site (with some nice videos):
Another nice site:
(look @ thisarticle:

Might b watching the davinci Code this weekend.