Post No- Well, who cares?

Memories of a Murder

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One of the perks of living in the western world is that you get to experience a lot of cultures. A few days ago I was casually surfing through the TV channels and was glad that I did, for I saw this very nice Korean thriller Salinui chueok.A very interesting thriller (based on true incidents). If I were to say the story is about a serial killer (?) whose victims are mainly attractive young females, most will feel that this is just another film about a psychopath. My impression was along those lines when I read the tag line on the screen.Nevertheless I decided to watch as I had the time and also wished I could see some beautiful Korean actors. Not many beautiful female actors but I was struck by the believable characters and good acting of the leads. The pace of the movie was ideal, with many twists that would keep you guessing.Brilliant soundtrack (a Japanese music director for a Korean film!). Unlike many Crime/Murder/Thriller movies this movie thankfully had some humorous moments-even though it wouldn’t make you pour your guts out- but definitely does blend in with the whole movie. No wonder it was big hit in South Korea.

Lock stock and two smoking barrels

Another wonderful movie I got to see recently. The story revolves around 4 friends who also happen to be thugs. The movie is about how these friend end up owing about a million pounds to a bigger thug and how they try to pay him back. Lots of goof-ups, dead guys, laced with some nice dialogues. Humorous to the hilt!

Kung Fu Hustle

A action movie that I hugely enjoyed. Thanks to Hemanth. Some wonderful background music, what can I say? Wonderful, wonderful Comedy.

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