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  • Keepalived instance not entering FAILED state

    When a monitored interface goes down, the instance immediately enters FAILED state and the other instance gets into the MASTER state. But, if you have a script block to check – say you are monitoring HAProxy – and HAProxy goes down the MASTER will not enter FAILED state, unless you do this: Set the weight…

  • Discourse with Docker on port 80

    Discourse can cause you trouble if you have it running(listening) on a non-standard port inside the Docker instance. (the feed, google auth return url have the port and host info in them) (assuming you would like to serve requests from a standard http(s) port). To make it work smoothly, I had to make it listen…

  • My First Android App

    More info here: Graph Muni I wrote an Android client to view Munin Graphs. Please check it out.

  • Terminal Services

    Some nice articles on terminal services can be found here.

  • Web Development using PHP on Mac OSX

    I have always been a big fan of PHP, now that I am trying to code an app using PHP, I decided to install a PHP module for the Apache webserver running in OSX. The Entropy package seemed to be a good option. I downloaded the module for Apache 2 and after installation my Apcahe…

  • Xtorrent

    Xtorrent: A new torrent client for mac, have we finally got the best?