Customizing Pligg

Customizing Pligg can be as simple as editing some .tpl files.

If you would like to change; the name of the site, e-mail address that is used to send password reset info, RSS description and a few other things, go to the libs directory under your Pligg Installation directory and edit lang.conf (basically search for ‘pligg’ and replace it with the name of your site).

Also if you want to edit the header, login as god and from the admin page, click Template editor and edit the header.tpl and in the headbar div add your link (code), you might want to add the code under both the {if} and {else} clauses.

If you would like to create a custom FAQs/about page (why wouldn’t you?) edit the faq-en_center.tpl file.

I am still trying learn how to configure Pligg. Pligg is still not yet perfect, but, very good. I would prefer writing my own code that I can use for my new project, but Pligg gives me a head-start and I will continue to use it for some time.

Pligg Comment Rating in Safari

I have started using Pligg for one of my new projects and I am going to jot down the technical problems I come across while using it, for my own refernce and for the benefit of others using Pligg.

One of the issues I came across was that the comment rating did not work in Safari with the ygetblue template. After some searching, I came accross this article, whick works for a different template. So after some tweaking, I modified the code in comment_show.tpl (line 7-22) to this:

{if $Enable_Comment_Voting eq 1} {#PLIGG_Visual_Comment_Rating#}: {$comment_votes} {if $comment_user_vote_count eq 0 && $current_userid neq $comment_author}| {#PLIGG_Visual_Comment_Rate_Comment#}: + - {/if} {/if} {if $UseAvatars neq "0"} {/if} {#PLIGG_Visual_Comment_WrittenBy#} {$user_username} {$comment_age} {#PLIGG_Visual_Comment_Ago#} {if $comment_votes lt 0} - {#PLIGG_Visual_Comment_Show_Hide#} {#PLIGG_Visual_Comment_This_Comment#} {/if}

Basically place the span “comment-head” at the top
and now comment rating in Safari works like a charm!

news.ycombinator search

I am a regular reader of news.yc and like most people using that site, I wanted to be able to search the site. Since the site does not have an inbuilt search functionality, I created search here.

Just like in SansJ, one can use the search plugin (FF and IE7 only) and search from their browsers search bar. Also, existing users of SansJ will be able to login with their current SansJ usernames and passsword.

Scriptaculous Draggable in Action.

(If you are in a hurry, go here, that is what the post is about.)

It’s finally over!!

Relief followed by pride-both preceded by an Idea- pretty much summarizes my feeling now.

Recently I got a HTC Touch for my dad, which, I played around with for a while.I somehow feel, that, the Input devices (Mouse and Keyboard) that I use majority of the time is less fun than using a Touch Sensitive Interface. Maybe fun is not the right word, but, nevertheless the feeling is fun as you move your fingers across the Screen.

I have read in many places that the Market for Mobile Phones is increasing at a rapid rate and hence, I infer that the market for applications designed for such phones should be growing as well. The point is I would like to develop apps that are at the cutting/leading edge for mobile handsets. But, the problem as I see it is the size, yes, the size of the Screens, until we have some sort of a low-cost foldable-screen introduced in the market, I will stick with PC’s.

This is where Scriptaculous Draggables, caught my attention. The way one could drag an element (divs, tables, etc..) on the screen is cool and yes, it is fun.I had been working on an idea for a few weeks and when I hit a bump, I left the code alone for a week and came back to it yesterday. At the end of it all, I learned a few things in Javascript and CSS. I am hoping that this knowledge and showcase would be implemented in one of my other Projects:SansJ.

Anyway, checkout the Demo here:

I used a few Icons from the very nice Sweetie Icon Set available here:

and if you wish to look at my demos, you can go here: (just one Demo is linked at the moment, I am planning on a regular update.)