2 weeks of watching movies while doing other stuff

Been wanting to write this post for a long time and finally I found the time, am not going to spend hours on this post and so the quality is not going to be good ( as with most posts, I should add).So here is the list of movies that I managed to watch and nzoy:

Dum Dum Dum


I am not a big fan of Jo (I in fact think she ‘Over’acts, might b a little ‘Over’weight and so on).Love stories, I find them boring not only because of the high density of Love based movies in tamil cinema, but also because I think they are so centered around 2 individuals, when there is many unfair things happening in the society ( I did watch V, thankfully).I do hate the unnecessary songs that we get to watch in Tamil cinema, but if there is one movie that I would watch just for the the background score and song music, this would b the one! Marvelous work by K Raja. Not to mention Madhavan’s/Viveks performance and yes Jo did do a fine job.A decent and enjoyable movie.



A film essentially about friendship/protection, a film also laced with killing.Halfway thru the movie I was compelled to stop watching the movie,but I persisted and thankfully did not miss watching the best part. The first half of the movie is ‘subtly’ violent, slowly getting romantic towards the middle.A beautiful ending (not because of what actually happened, but bcoz of the message it conveyed). I am not going to elaborate on the ending as it would b a spoiler.The director/writer according to me have turned what could have been an essentially violent movie into a meaningful one. The music, I found to be average.

Kand Naal Mudhal


The background music is good.The performances of the leading artists are commendable. Once again a love story that is actually entertaining without the cliches associated with them.Laila is wonderful as R(T)amya. I hope Tamil Movie industry comes up with more movies like this (by that I am not referring to just Love stories, but to movies that actually have a good/believable stories with fine performances by artists).

Oru Thalai Raagam


A movie set in the 80’s, actually made a year before I was born.Another good story revolving around youngsters.I haven’t seen much ‘old’ Tamil movies and hence this movie actually showed the different looks/getups of youngsters then.shows how jealousy/selfishness/indifference/smalltalk of a society ruins it’s own members when they should b njoying their “vaaliba vayasu” filled with love, affection and care.Nice story and a few good songs.

V for Vendetta


This is the kind of movie that I would greatly enjoy (and, I did). A movie that has clever/sharp dialogs, a great theme and a message that is conveyed not with pompous speeches but thru action.Not everyone would like a movie like this, and I would understand that, for it is not for them but is for those who actually want a future that is not filled with deceit/autocracy/barbarism.My language skills are inadequate to describe a movie like this one, so I stop here.

P.S: I watched the first few mins of 1984 and yeah they seem similar.

O Brother, Where Art thou


Another beautiful film that I got to watch.Good ;story, perfomance and some wonderful music.Not to mention the characters ‘Big’ Dan and George Nelson.I was particularly drawn to the racy background music when the main characters meet George and are chased by the Cops.My inadequacy in writing a decent view on films means I shall have to stop here and I will with a full stop.

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